Environmental conservation is one of the most important issues of our community. At Kooringal we work to consistently take a fresh look at how our business operates and how we minimize our environmental footprint. 

Solar power systems derive pure, clean energy from the sun. At Kooringal, we have installed a 70kW and an 80kW solar panel system combining over 250sq/m of solar panels which generate around 229,950kwh (on average) per year of clean solar energy.

Energy efficient lighting has been installed throughout our office and warehouse which uses around 20% of the energy to produce the same amount of light as a standard light globe. 

Our energy policy combines the use of our solar power system, energy efficient lighting with an electronic shutdown policy company wide, to produce and reduce our annual electricity consumption to help combat greenhouse gas emissions and minimise our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

At Kooringal we promote native re-vegetation and have re-planted the green-space surrounding our office and warehouse with over 185 native trees to improve species diversity, habitat for animals and to improve water quality.

We believe that sustainability begins with our staff, and our first step was to create an effective reduce, reuse and recycle program. With carton re-use, paper re-use and recycling, waste recycling, cartridge and electronics recycling through to paperless transactions with our business partners, we create action through awareness.

We adopt a green printing policy, using sustainable and renewable resources. We print on FSC accredited pulps that are chlorine and acid free. Where possible, we also print with soy based inks.

A high percentage of our styles are not individually packaged in poly bags. We also work with our suppliers to ensure that deliveries come without unnecessary plastic and wastage.